Guest Author : Patrick Colvin From Canada


In late November 2017, Patrick Colvin joined the Hariom Bantakal community by living with Ganesh Kamath and his family. They met through the volunteer/work exchange program WorkAway.

Patrick’s primary contribution is through writing articles for this blog and other works related to Ganesh’s professional life.

Practicing as a guest of India, Patrick’s current mission is to investigate what ways he can contribute to the greater good while also satisfying his own comfort and personal growth. As a larger vision, his intention with this work is to learn how to become a good guest: first here in India, then abroad in other countries, eventually within his home country of Canada, and further to be a guest of this planet earth.

As this world is often changing, reforming, and morphing or unfolding into new realities, it may be impossible to define a limited range of ‘topics of interest’. In practical terms, he is willing to explore any topic where there is sufficient interest from himself or another person, or where there is an enticing mystery.

The main topics to explore at this time are:

  • Meditation
  • Self reflection
  • Philosophy and morality (right livelihood)
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Plant Medicines
  • Healing modalities
  • Physical health
  • Video games
  • Technology and the future of humanity
  • Simple living
  • Merging the Traditional with the Modern
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